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My name is Warren Peters and after 21 years as a director of The Meon Survey Partnership I’ve now setup a digital consultancy to provide services related to the architectural/heritage industries. With my skills and contacts we can provide many specialist and unique services, including aerial photography, heritage surveys, photogrammetry, 3d modelling, BIM, laser scanning, measured surveys and much more.










SERVICES – in brief


Photogrammetry is the science of creating spatial data from photography, typically this will be for creating 3D point clouds and 3D meshed models from a drone/UAV, ground based imagery or a combination of both. From the captured images, control can be applied to ensure accuracy and coordinated grids. This technology can be applied to many uses including topographic surveys, 3D structures, rectified photography and 3D models of artifacts…

Aerial Photography/Survey

I am an experienced and enthusiastic drone/UAV pilot, with permission from the CAA to fly commercial operations (PfCO). I have carried out aerial photography projects for Historic Royal Palaces in conjunction with ground based photography. The drone/UAV can be used for a wide range of projects including inspection, photogrammetry, rectified photography, 3d site or building models and photography/video for promotional work…

Rectified Photography

Photography has always been a passion of mine, the last 4 or 5 years has seen a big increase in photography in surveying, in particular for the use in creating ortho/rectified imagery, taking a series of images and using specialist software to stitch these together, then applying coordinated points to scale these images…

Laser Scanning

WGPdigital has an advanced working knowledge in producing point clouds using laser scanners, the technology has progressed rapidly with the scanners becoming faster, lighter and producing huge amounts of data in a small amount of time. Laser scanners are becoming easier to use, but for accurate survey data you need to understand…

Measured Survey Consultant

Please get in touch if require the services of an experienced land and measured building surveyor, I can help get your project started with a high quality and accurate set of base drawings carried out to your required specifications. Extensive experience in topographic surveys, floor plans, elevations, sections, BIM and laser scanning whether it’s commercial, residential or an historic project…

360 Photography

High quality 360 imagery and virtual tours can be put to many uses, whether it’s to showcase the detail in rooms of a historic building or to create an information rich virtual tour of a sub-station. The 360 imagery that I create is very high quality and is not to be confused with low-grade panoramas you have may seen on hotel sites or on google maps/streetview…

CAD/BIM Technician

I am an experienced 2D & 3D CAD operator, an advanced user of Autocad and Revit (BIM – level 2) with a good working knowledge of Civil 3D, 3DS Max and SketchUp. If I can be of any help on large or small projects please do not hesitate to get in touch…

Land Surveys

Do you need a topographic survey, AKA land survey? Perhaps a boundary survey to help solve a dispute or provide to Land Registry? Maybe you require a control scheme using GPS, or survey data to OSGB36? Or maybe you just require some area calculations, what ever your requirements we can help at WGP digital…


Natural History Museum - WGP digital

Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum, South Kensington The brief: To produce 2D sections of areas of the Museum’s historic, grade 1-listed Waterhouse building for structural capacity assessments.…
3d model of a shipwreck - wgpdigital.com

Ship Wreck

I wanted to test out the 3D modelling capabilities just using the drone/UAV, it needed to be a free-standing structure to enable the drone to…
Minerva Temple

Minerva Temple – 2

Goodwood Estate With the field work now complete, it was time to process each stone with a view to create a high quality 3D model…
wgpdigital-minerva temple

Minerva Temple – 1

Goodwood Estate Start date – 4th February 2019 My first project under WGPDigital, recreate the Goodwood Estate’s Minerval Temple! The Temple was dismantled many years…
wgpdigital - surveyor, photographer and drone pilot

My Journey

As of the 1st February 2019 I will be freelance/self-employed, my 21 years as director of The Meon Survey Partnership have been a real rollercoaster…

If you require any further information or have a project in mind, please do not hesitate to get in touch…

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