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High quality 360 imagery and virtual tours can be put to many uses, whether it’s to showcase the detail in rooms of a historic building or to create an information rich virtual tour of a sub-station. We can also create virtual tours ready for Virtual Reality (VR) goggles for that full immersive experience.

The 360 imagery that I create is very high quality and is not to be confused with low-grade panoramas you may have seen on hotel sites or on google maps/google streetview.


How much detail can I add to a virtual tour?

With our virtual tours you can add information boxes, images, video clips, links to a website. You could also have an aerial image as a starting point or perhaps a floor plan.

Do I have to have the tour visible online?

No, we can create a tour which is run as a standalone tour from a laptop, desktop or even a USB flashdrive.

Tell me about some of the high quality virtual tours you’ve worked on?

Warren has created many virtual tours, a few examples as follows:- A virtual tour at Banqueting House to provide a record of the Rubens’ Ceiling cornicing, also a large townhouse in London to provide a visual record of the timber ceilings and historic stud-work. Currently we are working on information rich tours of High Voltage Sub-Stations.

See an example of an improved version of the above church at our photography specific site, www.ispypixel.co.uk/virtual-tours/, alternatively I have created a new site specific for 360 photography and virtual tours, this has a lot more information. www.virtual360solutions.co.uk

See the recent case study, where virtual tours were put to great use to enhance rail safety – case study here >

If you require any further information or have a project in mind, please do not hesitate to get in touch…

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