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2D and 3D

The brief: To produce a detailed 2D measured survey along with a 3D solid model. Methodology: Although the area was small, the detailing required was comprehensive. A laser scanner was the first choice for this, the trusty Leica P40 fitted the bill perfectly. Numerous scans were taken internally and externally, along with additional dimensions and …

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measured building surveys

Measured Building Surveys

The brief: To produce 2D floor plans, roof plan, external elevations and a topographic survey. Methodology: The building was empty and was perfect for laser scanning, my favourite choice, the Leica P40 high definition laser scanner was ideal for this survey, the scans were tied to a common grid utilising the scanners inbuilt referencing. A …

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Natural History Museum - WGP digital

Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum, South Kensington The brief: To produce 2D sections of areas of the Museum’s historic, grade 1-listed Waterhouse building for structural capacity assessments. Methodology: A high definition laser scanner was used to capture the profile detailing and floors in a quick, non-destructive and efficient way. The point cloud data was processed using Leica …

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Minerva Temple

Minerva Temple – 2

Goodwood Estate With the field work now complete, it was time to process each stone with a view to create a high quality 3D model of each of the 431 stones. The Process: Add control dimensions to accurately scale each model Build point cloud Create mesh Add texture Export as .obj This was a time …

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wgpdigital-minerva temple

Minerva Temple – 1

Goodwood Estate Start date – 4th February 2019 My first project under WGPDigital, recreate the Goodwood Estate’s Minerval Temple! The Temple was dismantled many years ago and placed onto palets, my task is to produce a 3d model of each stone, then produce a 3d model of the Temple to determine how it all fits…

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