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virtual tour - wgp digital

Virtual Tours

The brief: During 2021, WGP Digital were heavily involved with creating virtual tours for the rail industry. Two companies were involved, Leeps Consulting & Global Rail Construction. LEEPS CONSULTING – This project involved creating virtual tours for enabling safe access to Network Rail Substations, in particular the safe access to their local control panels. The …

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3d meshed model

Reality Capture

The brief: To produce a detailed 3d model of the existing archway, which has been badly damaged. This would serve as a base model for the architect and stone mason to redesign and replace the missing statues. Photogrammetry would be used to produce a 3d mesh and also 3d point cloud data. Methodology: A canon …

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2d measured surveys and rectified imagery specialists

2d Measured Building Surveys

Fortunately we’ve been able to keep busy during the lockdown with a couple of measured building surveys, fortunately all of the buildings have been vacant enabling minimal social contact. Both of these projects consisted of floor plans, elevations, small topo survey and some sections. These were carried out using traditional techniques (electronic theodolite, distos etc), …

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wgpdigital - 2d and 3d cad services

2D and 3D

The brief: To produce a detailed 2D measured survey along with a 3D solid model. Methodology: Although the area was small, the detailing required was comprehensive. A laser scanner was the first choice for this, the trusty Leica P40 fitted the bill perfectly. Numerous scans were taken internally and externally, along with additional dimensions and …

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measured building surveys

Measured Building Surveys

The brief: To produce 2D floor plans, roof plan, external elevations and a topographic survey. Methodology: The building was empty and was perfect for laser scanning, my favourite choice, the Leica P40 high definition laser scanner was ideal for this survey, the scans were tied to a common grid utilising the scanners inbuilt referencing. A …

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Natural History Museum - WGP digital

Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum, South Kensington The brief: To produce 2D sections of areas of the Museum’s historic, grade 1-listed Waterhouse building for structural capacity assessments. Methodology: A high definition laser scanner was used to capture the profile detailing and floors in a quick, non-destructive and efficient way. The point cloud data was processed using Leica …

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Minerva Temple

Minerva Temple – 2

Goodwood Estate With the field work now complete, it was time to process each stone with a view to create a high quality 3D model of each of the 431 stones. The Process: Add control dimensions to accurately scale each model Build point cloud Create mesh Add texture Export as .obj This was a time …

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wgpdigital-minerva temple

Minerva Temple – 1

Goodwood Estate Start date – 4th February 2019 My first project under WGPDigital, recreate the Goodwood Estate’s Minerval Temple! The Temple was dismantled many years ago and placed onto palets, my task is to produce a 3d model of each stone, then produce a 3d model of the Temple to determine how it all fits…

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