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Minerva Temple – 1


Start date – 4th February 2019


My first project under WGPDigital, recreate the Goodwood Estate’s Minerval Temple! The Temple was dismantled many years ago and placed onto pallets, my task is to produce a 3d model of each stone, then produce a 3d model of the Temple to determine how it all fits together and if any stones are missing. This is with a view to re-building it on the estate in the future.


The Temple was built by the Duke of Richmond to house a Roman Architectural Tablet, the Roman Tablet was discovered 4ft below the surface at the junction of North Street & Lion Street in Chichester in 1723. Unfortunately it was broken on it’s removal. It was presented to the Chichester Corporation in 1907 by Charles, seventh Duke of Richmond. The tablet is dated A.D. 43-410

roman tablet, chichester

The Minerva Temple was dismantled in the early Twentieth Century by Edward VII as it blocked the view of the Orangery from his bedroom window!


A few methods were available to do this, one use a hand-held laser scanner or by photogrammetry. As the requirement was for realistic looking models of each stone, photogrammetry would be the best choice. However it would be essential to have a team of strong individuals, a forklift to lift the stones as they were very heavy, a strong base to support the stones while being photographed and consistent lighting. Fortunately with the help of the Goodwood Estate and NSF Solutions Ltd all of these issues were addressed, the use of the workshop to photograph the stones was perfect and the NSF team were up to the task of cleaning each stone and maneouvering them into place.

After 3 weeks on site the field time is now complete, 436 stones and 39159 images were captured.

Now for the next stage, process each model into a coloured mesh! The final stage will be replicating the model in 3D!

Phase 2 coming soon…

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