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3d meshed model

Reality Capture

Photogrammetry – Arch restorationSt. Antony of Padua The brief: To produce a detailed 3d model of the existing archway, which has been badly damaged. This would …
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aerial survey

Aerial Survey

Aerial SurveySite in West London The brief: To produce a 3d ground terrain model of the site to enable future volume calculations. The site was in …
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2d measured surveys and rectified imagery specialists

2d Measured Building Surveys

2d Measured Building SurveysWith photogrammetry and aerial photography Fortunately we’ve been able to keep busy during the lockdown with a couple of measured building surveys, fortunately …
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wgpdigital - 2d and 3d cad services

2D and 3D

2D and 3D modellingLarge Property, Little Venice The brief: To produce a detailed 2D measured survey along with a 3D solid model. Methodology: Although the area …
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WGP Digital - drone inspection

Aerial Inspection

Aerial InspectionSt. John The Baptist, Devizes The brief: To inspect and capture high resolution images of all faces of the tower, to assess the condition of …
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measured building surveys

Measured Building Surveys

Measured Building SurveysLarge Property, Reigate The brief: To produce 2D floor plans, roof plan, external elevations and a topographic survey. Methodology: The building was empty and …
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