3d meshed model

Photogrammetry – Arch restoration

St. Antony of Padua

The brief: To produce a detailed 3d model of the existing archway, which has been badly damaged. This would serve as a base model for the architect and stone mason to redesign and replace the missing statues. Photogrammetry would be used to produce a 3d mesh and also 3d point cloud data.

Methodology: A canon 5d mk3 and wide angle lens was used to capture the imagery, additional lights were placed to brighten the area up for the photography, also a mast was used to capture the high points of the archway. Control points were established and measured using a Leica TS06plus electronic theodolite.

Processing: The first stage of processing was to calculate the control point coordinates, N4CE survey software was used for this task.

These control points were then combined with the images in the photogrammetry stage, advanced software was used and a textured 3d model of the archway was produced. This reality capture, aka digital twin, 3d photo realistic model of the structure was then able to be exported as a 3d mesh and point cloud data.

An ortho-rectified image was also created.

Using the point cloud data and ortho-rectified image as a base, a solid model was prepared showing the main structural elements, the 3d mesh taking care of the detailed items. This solid model was saved as a dwg file but also then exported as iges format.

Below is a low resolution version of the 3d model;

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